Paypeer cryptocurrency community runs a referral program that reward all members for their efforts in building the eco-system. The larger the eco-system the more valuable the coin becomes hence the need for all members of this community to be part of the referral program.

The Reward:

You get 5% every time your downline or referred user buys or sells a coin through our trading system. This reward is not one-time but for life. This guarantees steady daily referral bonuses. Your earnings are credited directly to your cash wallet not in coin (PAYP). You can withdraw it to your local bank account or through Bitcoin provided you have reached the minimum payout amount.

Referral Link Pattern:

Your referral link is formed this way:[your username]

How To Refer A New User

To refer a new user, simply give the user your referral link; every user that visits the paypeer portal using your referral link becomes sponsored by you when they register. You can track all your referred users or downlines through this link:





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